Dr. Ken's Mission


I founded this company specifically to allow anyone and everyone to get the help they need. We of course have the traditional therapy sessions in a private office with Dr. Ken. for parents, individuals, couples and family. We also created a program called College Evolution for high school and college students. This budget minded group/individual format allows students to pay the same out of pocket they would at school without the wait plus receive the high quality treatment of a Ph.D. led program. Finally we formed a non-profit called Brilliant Futures Foundation and have 2 members still currently serving on the board. This global support program offers scholarships for school, counseling, and mentoring. Education will not only change your life but the lives of your entire family. 

Insight of the Month

February: Did you know It’s actually ok to do nothing?  I do not recommend trying to be 100% productive all the time So relax and ask the guilt to take a vacation.

January:  Change is painful.  Growth is painful.  But the most painful?  Doing Nothing!

Our Services



Join our PINES retreat which specializes in creating immediate and lasting change for those seeking improved relationships. Held over a 3-day weekend each month and located at a mansion in the beautiful mountains of Utah, Dr. Ken and his staff utilize the proprietary technique called Emotionally Managed Psychotherapy (EMP). This new delivery system allows information to penetrate deep into the conscious mind promoting change that takes weeks instead of months. Included with the retreat is a 6 week follow up course to make sure the new changes become habit instead of effort.

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Our lives can be very complex but even more challenging when we struggle to learn, grow, and change for no other reason than you were just born with learning differences.  Our clients tend not just to be one of the below, but most of the below and others

  • ADD/HD
  • Dyslexia (Reading Disorder)
  • Dysgraphia (English and Math Disorder)
  • High potential for success
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Process Addictions ex. Gaming, Pornography
  • Trauma
  • Substance Abuse/Addiction
  • Religious/Spiritual  Identity 



Things happen in life and sometimes one may feel like everything is coming to an end. But, it’s not over until you quit!

  • Failing Grades
  • Addiction
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Court  appearances (defense lawyer available)
  • DUI/Tickets
  • School/Community probation
  • Healthy School Withdrawal and Re-admittance


  • Parenting
  • Teen/School Issues
  • Divorced and Blended Families
  • Communication
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • Issues from Childhood.
  • Couples Counseling
  • Pre-marital & marital therapy
  • Divorce
  • Making decisions 
  • Conffidence
  • Trauma
  • Emotional and Physical Affairs



The advances of technology have made it possible to provide therapy, coaching, and mentoring anywhere in the world without losing effectiveness. 

  • A visit to the family in their home environment is required
  • Follow up Sessions over phone/video conferencing. 
  • Visits cover 3 days (U.S.A.)
  • International cover 5-7 days 
  • Pricing for travel varies but cost of services are standard

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A portion of each payment will be donated to charities that support student success



Dr. Ken currently remains off insurance panels as do many therapists in the state. Our billing includes DSM V and ICDM 10 codes that are reimbursed by most insurance providers nationwide. There is pricing available to assist those who do not get reimbursement or do not have insurance with benefits covering therapeutic services.


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We are located on the 3rd floor of the south tower.  Turn left off the elevator on floor 3, parking on side and back

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